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Argon (Ar)

Argon gas is used in pure and in mixture forms in hospitals for analysis and quality control.

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We offer argon and argon gas mixtures in various volumes and purities for your analysis and quality control needs.


Argon (Ar) is a colourless, odourless, inert gas. As argon is an atmospheric gas, it can be sourced by separating it from air. Argon is used in pure form or in mixtures in hospitals for analysis and quality control.

More particularly, argon is used as plasma gas in Inductive Coupled Plasma (ICP) emission spectrometry, as a blanket gas in Graphite Furnace Atomic Absorption Spectrometry (GFAAS), and as a carrier gas in gas chromatography for various detectors.

Other applications

  • Quenching gas (pure or mixed with methane)
  • Zero, diluting and carrier gas for analysis
  • Cryoablation

Product information


Product form: Substance or Mixtures
Substance name: Argon
Formula: Ar
Synonyms: Argon (gas), Albee Argon, ARCAL™ Prime, Industrial Argon


Name Product identifier % Classification (GHS-CA)
Argon (compressed) (CAS-No.) 7440-37-1 > 99.9 Not classified

Ordering information

Cylinder size guide

We offer ARGON in a variety of purities and concentrations to meet the needs of your facility and your healthcare objectives.

Please contact us if you require an Argon mixture or grade not listed below.

Grade Alphagaz 2 Alphagaz 1 Alphagaz HP
Purity 99.9995% 99.999% 99.995%
Guaranteed Impurities (ppm molar)      
H2O <0.5 <3 <3
O2 <0.5 <2 <5
THC <0.1 <0.5  
H2 <0.1    
CO <0.1    
CO2 <0.1    
N2 <0.1    

Safety information

Argon requires special care as it may displace oxygen and cause rapid suffocation. Know the hazards and promote education for your patients and medical staff, to avoid safety hazards and create a safe work and living environment.

Safety data sheet (SDS)

Safe cylinder handling

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