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Join us for a stimulating experience: you’ll find a world of learning and development opportunities where inventiveness is at the heart of what we do, in an open, collaborative and respectful environment.

We are leaders

Air Liquide Healthcare is a leader in Canadian healthcare serving patients and professionals in all 13 provinces & territories. With our homecare brand VitalAire Home Healthcare, our country-wide network of skilled individuals is committed to driving innovation and change in healthcare.

We pride ourselves on being innovative and keeping up with the latest advances in technology, products, and services. With a team of 1000+ employees, we are motivated to make a real difference by serving all of our customers at the highest levels.

We are a part of a world-class company

Air Liquide Healthcare and VitalAire Home Healthcare are wholly-owned subsidiaries of the Air Liquide Group, a global leader in gases, technologies, and services for Industry and Health.

Air Liquide’s ambition is to be a global leader that acts respectfully in local communities, through engaged social and environmental responsibility.

Our employees are our most important asset

At Air Liquide Healthcare, we invest in your personal and professional development. We cultivate a culture of passion, innovation, and are committed to offering training opportunities for all our staff. Our goal is to nurture talent, sharpen new skills, and develop expertise with the latest technology.

Join our community and enjoy: 

  • A competitive salary
  • Comprehensive benefit plans
  • Rewards and recognition programs 
  • Opportunities for growth and development

Introducing BeActEngage

The way we work at Air Liquide, BeActEngage, helps us face challenges and seize new opportunities in today’s fast-changing environment. It is about living our fundamentals, acting for our success, and creating an engaging environment.

Be: Safety, Ethics, and Long-Term Performance

Be is about living our fundamentals through your contributions that make Air Liquide a safe place to work, your behaviour and your engagement for our long-term performance.

Safety, Ethics, and Long-Term Performance have always been and will remain the foundation of our success.

Act: Deliver, Care, and Adapt

Acting for our success relies on three words: Deliver, Care, and Adapt.

Deliver is about achieving short-term and mid-term results by taking ownership and being proactive.

Care about our customers, patients and  your colleagues is about embedding customer centricity and respectful teamwork in our environment.

Adapt is first about being aware of what is changing around us and then developing our ability to adapt, and promoting a continuous improvement mindset.

Engage: Give Purpose, Trust, and Grow

Engage is about leaders creating an engaging environment by giving purpose, sharing the why.

Trusting and being trusted. Leaders who empower and give clear expectations as well as are walking the talk, and leaders who are growing our people by giving guidance and learning opportunities.

Career streams

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Administration & Customer Service

Make an impact on our clients each day

Whether you are a biller or provide customer service, we rely on you to represent our company, answer questions, and help our customers overcome daily challenges. Become a part of our engaged team of individuals whose everyday work reflects a passion towards improving Canadian healthcare — with excellent products and customer care.


Join our fleet and drive positive change

As an Air Liquide Healthcare driver, you are on the frontline when it comes to building trust and loyalty with our customers. We rely on you to promote great patient care by delivering equipment and cylinders on time and supporting our clients in their day-to-day activities. Join our fleet of drivers to become a part of an engaged and proactive healthcare community, and drive positive impact in yours.


Make a real impact on people's lives

As an engineer at Air Liquide Healthcare, we rely on you to bring innovation to our fill plants and work with others to introduce cutting-edge technology, increase safety, and improve efficiency. You will also work with hospitals and healthcare facilities to design and build reliable bulk tank systems of liquid oxygen and  medical air, and pipeline. 

Fill Plant Operators

Help operate our fill plants

Help operate our fill plants across the country to ensure our cylinder grade is no less than excellent. At Air Liquide Healthcare it doesn't matter where you are within the company; safety and quality are our top priorities and this why our customers choose to rely on us.

Finance & Accounting

Help grow our company's financial health and value

Use your expertise to help organize, audit, and account for our company's financial activity and performance in order to drive growth. Work with a team of talented professionals to control our financial operations and meet the yearly goals — while increasing overall performance.

Human Resources

Support employee growth

Support employee development and career growth while shaping the HR processes at our company. Help create an engaged culture of employees who are passionate about our community and the goal of delivering excellent services.

Information Technology

Drive digital solutions

Is Digital in your DNA? Join us for an exciting Digital transformation. Be a part of a team working on implementing and supporting industry-leading information technology solutions and services in support of business objectives.

Marketing & Communications

Use creativity to help distinguish us in the market

We are always looking for creative people to help shape the way we present ourselves and our products on the market. We will trust you to build channels of communication between our technical engineers and our customers, to be innovative in your role, and to recognize opportunities for growth.


Build strong relationships with our customers

Be on the front lines of keeping our customers informed and engaged with new products and innovations in the field. As an Air Liquide Healthcare sales consultant, you represent our clients' voices and help shape their needs into deliverable, effective solutions.

Quality & Safety

Help protect vulnerable lives through compliance & safety

Be a part of a growing company committed to delivering medical gases and equipment through strong compliance, best practices, and continuous improvement. As a pillar of our organization, safety is our number one priority for customers and staff and is woven into the fibre of our daily practices. Join our commitment to providing safe and effective solutions for our healthcare customers.

Technical Services

Use your knowledge to deliver safety

Your role is essential in promoting safety at healthcare facilities across the country. You will perform preventive maintenance and other services on our onsite equipment, and deliver education to our clients on how to use and care for their machines. Your work will help establish safe treatment environments for patients and healthcare professionals alike.

Our 3 pillars roadmap

As part of our sustainability objectives, we are committed to creating equal opportunities for all, and promoting a diverse workplace, where each individual’s unique background (nationality, gender, and educational qualifications…) are sources of dynamism, creativity, and performance.

Learn Inclusion & Diversity

Air Liquide Healthcare offers a wide range of exciting careers across Canada.

Browse our job offers

Mobility and experience within the Air Liquide Group

We are fortunate to be part of the Air Liquide Group present throughout the 5 corners of the world, benefiting from great possibilities of international development. Mobility and technical experience are two key levers to define the career path. There is no standard career path: each employee's path is tailored to their individual goals and the opportunities that are available within the Group.