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Carbon dioxide (CO2)

Medical carbon dioxide gas is normally mixed with other gases and used as a respiratory stimulant in hospitals and local clinics.

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We provide medical carbon dioxide to help you meet your healthcare needs. Air Liquide Healthcare offers the highest grade medical gases to Canadian hospitals and local clinics.

Medical applications

Medical carbon dioxide gas is normally mixed with other gases and used as a respiratory stimulant.

In its pure form, carbon dioxide is used as an insufflation gas for minimally invasive surgical interventions such as laparoscopy, endoscopy, and arthroscopy to enlarge and stabilize body cavities in order to enhance visibility of the surgical area.

When delivered in a cylinder with a syphon tube, carbon dioxide is also used in cryotherapy to make dry ice at the hospital or in dental offices, where it helps preserve organs, tissues, and blood for storage or shipment.

Product information


Product form: Substance
Trade name: ALIGAL™ 2
Formula: CO2
Synonyms: Carbonic acid gas / Carbon dioxide / ALIGAL™ 2


Name Product identifier % Classification (GHS-CA)
Carbon Dioxide (CAS-No.) 124-38-9 <= 99.9 Press. Gas (Liq.), H280

Ordering information

Cylinder size guide

We offer CARBON DIOXIDE (DIN: 00572861) in a variety of cylinder sizes to meet the needs of your facility.

Ordering number Cylinder size  Content Pressure at 21°C  (P.S.I.) CGA connection Height Diameter Weight
COM3 3 (D) 1.9 kg 830 940 50.8 cm 10.2 cm 3.6 kg
COM5 5 (E) 3.2 kg 830 940 73.7 cm 10.2 cm 6.4 kg
COM22 22 (M) 9.1 kg 830 340 58.4 cm 20.3 cm 15.4 kg
COM44 44 (K) 22.7 kg 830 340 114.3 cm 21.6 cm 38.6 kg

Safety information

Carbon dioxide requires special care as it may displace oxygen and cause rapid suffocation. Know the hazards and promote education for your patients and medical staff, to avoid safety hazards and create a safe work and living environment.

Safety data sheet (SDS)

Safe cylinder handling

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