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Heliox 70/30 (Helium/Oxygen)

Heliox is a supportive respiratory therapy treatment in upper airway obstruction, used when hypoxemia is present or when trauma to the airway occurs.

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We are Canada’s leading supplier of medical helium/oxygen gas, including Heliox 70/30 used in supportive respiratory therapy.

Medical applications

Heliox 70/30 gas is a mixture of helium (He) and oxygen (O2). This mixture is used as a medical treatment for patients with difficulty breathing. Heliox gas generates less resistance than atmospheric air when passing through the airways of the lungs, requiring less effort by a patient to breathe in and out of the lungs.

Heliox is mainly used in medical conditions of large airway narrowing or upper airway obstruction resulting in hypoxemia or when trauma to the airway occurs.

Product information


Product form: Mixtures
Substance name: Oxygen (23.51% - 99.99%) in Helium
Formula: O2 / He
Synonyms: Oxygen (compressed) / Oxygen gas / OXYGEN / Helium (compressed) / Helium gas / HELIUM


Name Product identifier % Classification (GHS-CA)
Oxygen (compressed) (CAS-No.) 7782-44-7 23.51 - 99.99 Ox. Gas 1, H270 Press. Gas (Comp.), H280
Helium (compressed) (CAS-No.) 7440-59-7 0.01 - 76.49 Press. Gas (Comp.), H280

Ordering information

Cylinder size guide

We offer HELIOX 70/30 (DIN: 02416468) Health Canada approved blend of 70% helium and 30% oxygen to meet the needs of your facility and your healthcare objectives.

Please contact us if you require a helium mixture or grade not listed below.

Grade Alphagaz 2 Alphagaz 1 Alphagaz HP
Purity 99.9995% 99.999% 99.995%
Guaranteed Impurities (ppm molar)      
H2O <0.5 <3 <10
O2 <0.5 <2 <5
THC <0.2 <0.5 <1
H2 <0.1   <50
CO <0.5    
CO2 <0.5    

Safety information

Heliox 70/30 requires special care due to its oxidizing nature. Know the hazards and promote education for your patients and medical staff, to avoid safety hazards and create a safe work and living environment.

Safety data sheet (SDS)

Safe cylinder handling

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