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Portable liquid oxygen systems

High concentration portable oxygen systems.

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We provide a wide range of liquid oxygen reservoirs ranges in different sizes for portability and to maximize time between refills. Our teams can help you select the equipment best suited for your business.

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We are experts in providing medical gas equipment and sources of supply. Our teams know medical gas products well, and can help you define the needs of your facility. We proudly play a vital role in medical facilities to help protect vulnerable lives.

Liquid oxygen supply systems

Liquid oxygen supply systems typically consist of a refillable, portable unit that users can carry around and a stationary bulk storage unit or reservoir. The reservoir and portable units are constructed with a vacuum-separated container inside of a container, much like a thermos bottle. The oxygen must be kept in the thermos-like container at extremely low temperatures (-183°C or -297°F) in order to stay liquid. The liquid warms as it exits the container, transforms into gas, and is supplied to users at room temperature for them to breathe when ready to use the oxygen.

One liter of liquid oxygen is equivalent to approximately 860 liters of gaseous oxygen. As a liquid, it has less volume - so more oxygen fits inside an oxygen tank. Liquid oxygen is lightweight, has lengthy durations, is not dependent on electricity, and can treat multiple disease states. These features make it a great option for many users.

  • Cost-efficient, no electricity required

  • High oxygen flows for longer periods

  • Require less space than gas cylinders

  • Increased ease of mobility

CAIRE Liberator

The CAIRE Liberator series offers multiple reservoir options to meet the specific needs of an oxygen provider’s fleet and its users. All controls are mounted on the top for quick reference and easy operation. The standard internal flow control valve offers oxygen delivery up to 15 LPM.

  • 20 – 60 liter capacity
  • 6.5 – 18 days of operation at 2 LPM
  • Internal control valve offering up to 15 LPM
  • Easy-to-read and accurate LED meter
  • Compatible with CAIRE top and side-fill portables

Liquid oxygen portables

Lightweight liquid oxygen portables provide ambulatory oxygen therapy patients with user-friendly systems designed for maximum portability, simplicity of use, and the lengthy durations.

The CAIRE Sprint and Stroller offer multiple configurations to meet the needs of the user and the provider. The lightweight 0.6L Sprint is ideal for ultimate portability. The larger 1.2L Stroller is larger for extended durations. Both portables provide continuous flow up to 6 LPM.

CAIRE Hi Flow Stroller offers continuous flow up to 15 LPM and is the perfect option for hospitals, long-term care facilities and ambulating oxygen users that require high flow rates. 

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