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EZ-OX Plus™ medical oxygen cylinder

Portable oxygen tank with high-precision flow dial.

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EZ-OX Plus™ is a portable oxygen tank designed for ergonomic ease-of-use and safe handling, to allow your medical teams to focus on caring for their patients.

An innovative cylinder with easy-to-use features and proven reliability.

EZ-OX Plus™ is an innovative oxygen tank designed as a delivery system made of a pressure regulator, flow meter and medical E-size oxygen cylinder - integrated into a single lightweight oxygen cylinder unit.

EZ-OX Plus™ eliminates the need for regulators in many clinical situations and requires no assembly. It has an intuitive, easy-to-use design offering a reliable oxygen bridge which is simple to operate.

    Key features

    • Cost effective: Eliminates the need for regulators and flow meters purchase and repairs.

    • Safety: Protective cap over regulator and flow meter provides higher unit reliability.

    • Efficiency: Simple training and quick patient set-up time increases efficiency and flexibility.

    • Convenience: EZ-OX cylinder fits into existing racks and carts for size 5 (E) cylinders.

    When every second is precious, EZ-OX Plus™ provides:

    • A quick and easy oxygen set-up for your patients
    • A reliable oxygen supply to get patients to the Emergency Room, or to transport them across the hospital
    • The ability to keep your patients stable in a location where there is no centrally piped supply

    Prevent delays and difficulties in finding and assembling regulators and oxygen cylinders, while your patient needs to be in surgery or back in recovery.

    Let EZ-OX Plus™ be your new portable oxygen partner, so that you can focus on caring for your patients.

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