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Dual setting purge control with dryer purge activation.

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When the objective is maintaining Medical air USP compliance and economizing purge air loss, our P3C (Patient Protect Purge Control) Dryer is the perfect solution.

P3C provides a dual setting purge control, with dryer purge activation based on achieving either a specific moisture or carbon dioxide trigger level. The result is guaranteed medical air USP acceptable levels for moisture and carbon dioxide and optimal purge economization.


    Measured breach of USP parameters is CO2 - The root cause is desiccant dryers!

    The CO2 Conundrum

    Dessicant dryers are commonly used to remove moisture in Medical air production. All makes and models employ activated alumina and/or molecular sieve, both of which attract moisture and carbon dioxide.

    Through our aerALin™ quality control system, we discovered that current industry standard methods for operating dessicant dryers, cause them to capture and release carbon dioxide into the process air stream. The result is chronically off-spec Medical air with levels of carbon dioxide exceeding the USP limit of 500ppm.

    When compared with dewpoint, we noticed inconsistent waveform amplitudes for CO2, principally due to varying outdoor air quality and dryer operational settings.

    P3C provides unparalleled Medical air quality to protect vulnerable lives

    • Real time monitoring & traceability of USP parameters
    • Automatic off-spec prevention
    • Trend based remediation
    • Patient Protect Purge Control

    Key features

    • User-friendly touchscreen operator interface

    • Connectivity for alarm event logging and trend graphs/information

    • Available for purchase, rent-to-own, or on a monthly facility fee basis

    • Made in Canada and supported by our national service network

    Quality control essential to ensuring patient safety

    At most facilities, you will find it is made on-site for economic reasons. The quality of Medical air produced is directly linked to the quality of the raw material, outdoor air.

    To help ensure your patients are administered precise Medical air USP, we developed aerALin™ — our parametric batch release quality control system. It validates your on-site Medical air USP to meet good manufacturing practices and reflect the production quality control experience from our plants.

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