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ModuleVide™: Backup vacuum system

Unique critical zone emergency backup solution for centrally piped medical vacuum.

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Air Liquide Healthcare and Busch have designed this safe, simple critical care medical vacuum offer using Busch’s quiet, compact MV series vacuum pumps fitted with DC motors and integral variable frequency drives.

In partnership with Busch Vacuum Technics, the experts in vacuum technology worldwide, Air Liquide Healthcare is proud to offer ModuleVide™ - a reliable and patient safety-focused solution for critical care backup medical vacuum.

ModuleVide can be installed in small spaces adjacent to the critical care environments, to provide backup medical vacuum should the main medical vacuum source be lost.

Built in Canada and supported by our national technical service team, our medical vacuum systems incorporate state-of-the-art controls and industry leading pumps that operate contact-free: neither oil nor water is needed for the compression process.

We work with your consultants to meet all your facility’s needs with the highest degree of quality, safety, and efficiency. Whenever necessary, we will become involved with the design of the project as well.

We also supply all related equipment such as:

  • Canisters
  • Vacuum regulators
  • Outlets
  • Pipeline
Unparalleled experience

Over 1000 medical and vacuum source systems installed in hospitals across Canada. Air Liquide Healthcare works exclusively with Busch Vacuum Technics, the top supplier of medical vacuum pump systems in North America.

Key features

  • User-friendly touchscreen operator interface

  • Capable of receiving external control commands

  • Available for purchase, rent-to-own, or on a monthly facility fee basis

  • Made in Canada and supported by our national service network

How it works

The compact design of Mink MV vacuum pumps results in small external pump dimensions. These vacuum pumps are equipped with an efficient silencer.

The rotary claw principle has already been used successfully for many years. Robust design and high quality, guarantee high operating reliability and long life span.

The very high efficiency of the vacuum pumps compared with conventional pumps results in considerable energy savings. Costs are further decreased through reduced down time and savings on wearing parts and operating fluids.

Because of the non-touching operation of the pump, no wear takes place. No maintenance work such as checking or replacing wearing parts. For example, no replacement of carbon vanes necessary.

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