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Gas manifolds

Medical gas manifolds for primary & reserve sources of supply.

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Whether you require a new or replacement medical oxygen manifold, CO2 manifold, or any other gas - our highly skilled team of medical gas piping technicians have the installation and service expertise to meet your needs.

Our focus is on patient safety and our expertise in medical gas pipeline systems ensures we can help you find the right equipment for your medical gas pipeline and source of supply requirements.

Air Liquide Healthcare proudly represents BeaconMedaes medical gas pipeline products. With medical gas manifolds, control panels, outlets, valves and alarms, we help your facility ensure that the right access and information is provided to the right person, at the right time.

We work with your consultants to meet all your facility’s needs with the highest degree of quality, safety, and efficiency. Whenever necessary, we will become involved with the design of the project as well.

Unparalleled experience

We are experts in advising and constructing medical gas pipeline systems and sources of supply. Our teams knows medical gas products well, and can help you define the needs of your facility. We proudly play a vital role in medical facilities to help protect vulnerable lives.

Medical gas manifolds

Gas manifolds are essential for medical gas pipeline systems, either as backup in large facilities or as main sources of gas supply in smaller ones.

LifeLine® manifolds from BeaconMedaes are available in a variety of configurations and gas services for gas cylinder and liquid container applications. 

  • The fewest threaded fittings in the industry
  • CRN listed & CSA approved
  • Cleaned for oxygen service and securely packaged to prevent contamination through regular job-site handling
  • CSA Z7396.1 compliant design
  • TotalAlert™ embedded connectivity

Key features

Trouble free operation

The LifeLine® manifold is designed in accordance with NFPA, CSA and ISO standards. The improved design, validated through extensive testing, ensures the manifold maintains its reliability while reducing the potential for leaks, avoiding wasteful gas losses. 

  • Ultra high flow
  • Fully automatic
  • Dome loaded regulators
  • Fluoro-polymer free headers
  • Smallest space requirements
  • No NPT connections
  • Ignition test certified
  • Forging design reduces connection points

Technologically superior

The LifeLine manifold contains the best thinking in manifold technology available today.

  • Eliminates the need for unsafe, power hungry heaters and can't fail due to icing
  • Designed to operate safely even through a power failure
  • Do not depend on shuttle valves or solenoid valves, the most common source of failure in other manifold designs
  • Rigidly mounted to their frame, this ensure they can't loosen up during shipment and waste money through gas leakage
  • TotalAlert embedded capabilities allows for e-mail alerts for alarm conditions and warnings when pressure drops

Solid reliability

LifeLine manifolds employ dome biasing to eliminate heaters and maximize flows, and are free of fluoropolymers in the high pressure headers for maximum safety.

Dome biased regulators are not open to the atmosphere and thus are not subject to the formation of ice in the regulator. Accumulated ice in the regulator is a very common cause of manifold failure. No air and no ice ensures solid reliability.

The LifeLine manifolds have undergone extensive endurance testing, ignition (Adiabatic) testing, environmental testing and flow rate testing to ensure the manifold provides the highest degree of quality in the market today.

Liquid container or gas cylinder

There are numerous benefits from a LifeLine manifold with whatever source type is most economical and practical.

LifeLine manifolds can be set up for cylinder by cylinder, liquid by liquid by cylinder, or liquid by cylinder by cylinder configurations. LifeLine manifolds can also work to provide automatic backup for bulk and mini bulk installations.

  • Liquid or gas configurations to match any gas requirement
  • Highly reliable dome biased switching
  • Easy to install, easy to service

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