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SoKINOX Video Tutorial Service

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Air Liquide Healthcare online support for Intensive Care units

How does SoKINOX work?

With the promise to support you at all times, these short video tutorials complement our 24/7 assistance and show you how to manage some key operations with SoKINOX. Contact your usual Air Liquide Healthcare representative or call center for further assistance.

These video tutorials are intended for assistance of healthcare professionals already trained on SoKINOX. They are not a substitute of the user's manual, nor the training program. All rights are reserved by Air Liquide Healthcare. Commercial use by third parties is not permitted. The SoKINOX Delivery and Monitoring System is a class IIb medical device CE 0123 manufactured by INOsystems for physician-prescribed NO therapy gas for a precise nitric oxide blend for the treatment of term and near-term (≥34 weeks) neonates and monitors inspired NO, NO2 and O2 gas. INOsystems, Parc de Haute Technologie, 7 rue Georges Besse 92 182 Antony CEDEX




Why choose us

  • Full-scope medical gases provider
    We are involved from production to patient therapy, and know medical gases intimately

  • Reliability
    You can depend on us to provide you with the right equipment and services to meet your facility's needs

  • Innovation
    Innovation is our vision: we prioritize quality of care through patient-centric products and services

  • Safety
    Ensuring the safety of your patients and staff is our top priority - our emphasis is on safety, compliance and risk management

  • Experienced
    We are owned by Air Liquide Group, the largest supplier of industrial, medical & specialty gases, found on every continent in the world

  • Coast-to-coast service network
    Our fill plants are widespread to shorten response-time and ensure supply chain reliability

  • Accreditation and regulation
    We help you ensure your facility's medical equipment is serviced and fully compliant with Canadian standards

  • Customized portfolio
    We supply a complete range of high-quality specialty gases, including mixtures used in specific applications to suit your needs

Do you need pricing or more information?

Our team will listen to your needs and answer your questions, to help identify the right equipment and services for your facility.

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